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A Time For Karma

15 Optimized Category Pages - 30 Days Site Completion
$ 1,000 Perf to finish within 15 days
  • 15 Category Pages
  • Products
  • Transfer Host
  • Astra & Elementor Pro
  • SEOPress Pro
  • Setup Site
  • Online Shop Setup
  • Plugins & Activation
  • Setup GMB & GA
  • Email Notifications
  • Training & Coaching
  • Keyword Rank Tracker
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100% Money Back

If you are not happy we offer a 30 day Money back guarantee, no problem.

A Time For Karma Web Design

We are going to be updating the website A Time For Karma

This will include:

  • Keeping the original site/feel as much as possible (WordPress/Elementor/Astra)
    • With my designing to finishing a completed website within 30 days
      • Perf by 14 days to completion
    • Move to my WPX Hosting Account
  • Add a storefront to the web site(Woo-commerce)
    • Categories
    • Display products
      • Photos
      • Titles
      • Descriptions
    • View products
    • Add to cart
    • Checkout
    • Shipping
    • Email Capture
  • Installation & Activation of all required plugins to complete the website upgrade
    • SEOPress Pro
    • Elementor Pro
    • Astra Pro
    • WooCommerce
    • ShortPixel
    • RichReviews
    • Facebook Pixels
    • Really Simple SSL
  • Up to 15 Category Pages
  • + Add Original Pages + New Ones
    • /spiritual-counselors
    • /upcoming-events
    • /friends-of-karma
    • /manifestation-grid
    • /astrological-energies-new-moon
    • /trip-for-women
    • /gallery
    • /contact-us
    • /about
    • /privacy-policy
    • /terms-of-service
    • /html-sitemap
    • /store
    • home
  • Tracking & Monitoring
    • Google Analytics
    • Google Search Console
    • Facebook Pixels
    • Email Notifications
    • Contact/Lead Capture Forms
  • Training and Learning
    • Train Vonda through the process of how to add products herself
      • Titles
      • Descriptions
      • Photos
    • Train Vonda through creating a new web page process & updating existing
      • For example if you wanted to make a new page about a virus
      • Take existing web pages and update their text content & photos or try some designing
  • Complete the web design update
    • Within 30 day's at $1,000
      • Preferably within 15 days


$60.00 (tax)
Total: $1,060.00

Frequently asked questions

Most of our SEO strategy falls around a data driven approach. We evaluate your websites health, deep competitor analysis, and a science driven approach to our digital marketing packages. We then take all of this information and we start to see a clear direction on what it will take for your business to get leads. If you don’t get leads we are not going to do business for a long time. I prefer my CLTV. 

  • That being said once we determine your keywords the first thing we will want to do is create a content brief about that keyword. Once we have that we can start writing up the content, maybe 500 words, maybe 1500 I don’t know but that’s a good range.
  • While that is happening my team and I will be reaching out for guest posting possibility’s so we can try to secure wins early in your campaign because these take a lot of time to happen.

I hope by now you can get an understanding on the value I am presenting here without me saying awhole lot.

We actually have some new pricing models we wanted to try out. So We’ll have our beginning services at $500, Mid at $1500, and high at $1999.

Absolutely not. We value your freedom to choose to leave at any point in the contract if you are unhappy. We bill you month to month with no penalty’s.

  1. We will be doing a lot of various tasks on your website after you become a client of ours. Once we get all the information needed from you we will start to check to make sure you have the analytics needed so we can gather a base line. If no analytics we will go ahead and set them up so we can get a baseline.
  2. We will also be optimizing for website speed. We will make sure the pages we agreed on will be optimized for that target keyword, and we will re-write the page if we deem it needed. On top of many other aspects we will work on your social signals and make sure that they are accurate on your website. 
  3. At the start of any campaign we check your brands authority through a citation check, we want to make sure your NAP information throughout the web is correct across the many avenues that people use to find you and companies like you.
  4. At the same time we’ll be running a full website audit. We want to get as much of the picture of your sites health as possible and as quickly as possible. The longer you wait to rank, the more money you are losing.
  5. Again, hopefully by now you start to understand the level of work and dedication that we put into your campaigns. We do this because we do it our own websites. Many who work with me have their own personal projects as well.
  1. By checking your analytical data from the very beginning, we can get a base estimate to present to you. This you can clearly see where we started and where we stand each month.
  2. If you have no analytics set up don’t worry we will set them up at this point, and we will get you a industry average of what you can expect for a given keyword. With accurate lead generation tracking from WhatConverts.

As mentioned above yes you will get accurate, actionable, readable, monthly reports on your search engine campaign. I personally use these metric tracking analytics. 

I can only give you a set estimate, I can’t give you a 100% time frame here for a given keyword. Keyword rankings range from a few weeks to a whole year. Organic White Hat rankings take time and provide the ultimate ROI.

That being said, once I know the proper target keywords to go for only then can I give you an estimated time on that particular keyword.

Of course. We are in the SEO Industry for the long term. So by going blackhat that would only hurt my client’s in the end and is not a healthy business model.

  • If we are going to be building you a backlink strategy for example then we would reach out to the proper websites and find a topic that we could write for and get you a natural link back to your website. 

By submitting your information through our checkout you are agreeing that we may be able to contact you via any communication.