A Data Science Driven SEO Approach

To win in a market place you need to understand the game your competitors are playing. What do I mean by that?

  • Primary Keywords to Rank
  • Who Are My Competitors
  • Who are my market leaders
  • What Type of Social Following Do They Have
  • How Authoritative are they

After all of that then we can start getting into the meat and potatos of developing personas to create highly currated content, and target your competitors followers. 

Thus increasing your authoritativeness by building up content that get’s impressions. Building backlinks. YouTube promotion. Setting up all of your citations throughout the web for your market directories. I could talk to you for hours about this.

Joshua Palmer
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Over 8 Years of Experience

  • I have been ranking websites for years. I have successfully managed accounts bringing in over 30,000 visitors a month. 
  • Manage ad campaigns that are over $3,000 per month.
  • 844 Leads for my clients since October 1, 2019.
  • Google Partner with Orbit Local.
  • Yext Partnership with Orbit Local.
  • Over 20 YouTube Videos
  • Offer Free Local Market Audits to help you understand.

Frequently asked questions

  1. By checking your analytical data from the very beginning, we can get a base estimate to present to you. This you can clearly see where we started and where we stand each month.
Did we mention that you will have the keywords we agree on put into a keyword rank tracker. 
  1. If you have no analytics set up don’t worry we will set them up at this point, and we will get you a industry average of what you can expect for a given keyword. With accurate lead generation tracking from WhatConverts.
  1. Most of our SEO strategy falls around a data driven approach. We evaluate your websites health, deep competitor analysis, and a science driven approach to our digital marketing packages. We then take all of this information and we start to see a clear direction on what it will take for your business to get leads. If you don’t get leads we are not going to do business for a long time. I prefer my CLTV. 

    • That being said once we determine your keywords the first thing we will want to do would be to discuss our keyword selection.
      • Once we agree on the keywords we create a content brief about that keyword. Once we have that we can start writing up the content, maybe 500 words, maybe 1500 I don’t know but that’s a good range.
      • Once that content is written we will send it to you for review and then you will give your feed back if any or if not we load it up within the following week.
    • While that is happening my team and I will be reaching out for guest posting possibility’s so we can try to secure easy wins in your campaign because these take a lot of time to happen.

    I hope by now you can get an understanding on the value I am presenting here without me saying awhole lot.

  1. We will be doing a lot of various tasks on your website after you become a client of ours. Once we get all the information needed from you we will start to check to make sure you have the analytics needed so we can gather a base line. If no analytics we will go ahead and set them up so we can get a baseline.

    1. We will also be optimizing for website speed. 
    2. We will make sure the pages we agree on before we start the campaign.
    3. Check your brands authority through a citation check, we want to make sure your NAP information throughout the web is correct across the many avenues that people use to find you and companies like you.
    • At the same time we’ll be running a full website audit. We want to get as much of the picture of your sites health as possible and as quickly as possible. The longer you wait to rank, the more money you are losing.
    • Again, hopefully by now you start to understand the level of work and dedication that we put into your campaigns. We do this because we do it our own websites. Many who work with me have their own personal projects as well.
  1. As mentioned above yes you will get accurate, actionable, readable, monthly reports on your search engine campaign. I personally use these metric tracking analytics. 

  1. Of course. We are in the SEO Industry for the long term. So by going blackhat that would only hurt my client’s in the end and is not a healthy business model.

    • If we are going to be building you a backlink strategy for example then we would reach out to the proper websites and find a topic that we could write for and get you a natural link back to your website. 

By submitting your information through our checkout you are agreeing that we may be able to contact you via any communication.

Lead Tracking for Calls, Forms, and referals

One of my favorite lead tracking analytics that we specialize in, and we personally use our selfs daily.

  1. Facebook
  2. Yelp
  3. CPC
  4. Call Ad
  5. YouTube
  6. Website Direct
  7. Any other source basically

With this powerful tracking plugin on your website we will be able to link it up with Google Analytics as a event and start tracking everything under one platform. We also take the time to properly setup…

  • Google Analytics 
  • Google Search Console

Daytona Beach SEO

Mobile First Indexing

Let’s be honest. Google has came out and said if your site isn’t mobile friendly then you will not rank. Google has been switching to mobile first indexing lately even more and it’s imperative that your site loads within 3 seconds. How we accomplish this…

  • Low Amounts of Plugins Per Website
  • Optimized Images 
  • Top Hosting
  • CDNs
  • Themes

Using GTMetrix

We are able to identify problems on your website, or a design project. This is by far the most accurate analysis you can have done often. Know your websites health is imperative to succeed. It is also smart to do a ahrefs to check for any other issues like 404s or 504 errors.

2.8s Website

I have done my job as a website creater and digital marketing expert. You can clearly see that this page was ran through GTMetrix.

Joshua Palmer
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Transform your buesiness

switch up your Brand Marketing

We’ve ranked over a dozen start ups. For a Combined 70,000 total visits PER MONTH.

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Understand Your Strategy For Growth

So we built you a website and now we start to gather data points about how well your site is performing. If it’s an existing website we will have historical data to compare against.  What are the benefits…

  1. See what users are querying to find you
  2. Track Pages performance
  3. Track Goals and Events Like Calls/Form/Landing Pages success efficiently and quickly
  4. Gauge the behaviors of users like bounce rate, time on page, how many pages deep
  5. What are the hours your website is most active, are they from mobile or pc?
  6. What source/medium do you receive traffic from, FB, YouTube, other socials 
  7. And much much more

Once we have the data we can analyze it from a data stand point. Then we can really make sound judgments for your digital marketing success online. We need to know these things in order to give insight and to help you grow.

This report is from Google Search Console

Google Search Console is a wonderful tool. It allows you to get really in depth in your reporting and export all of this information into a .CSV which we later can load into an Google Sheet for analysis.

111% Increase in Lead Generation Year over Year!

Using Google Analytics…

  • We can determine that we generated 111% in new goals
  • Our goal value was 15.56% increase
  • Our Goals converted at 62.92%
  • and that across the board we nailed it here

Accurate Google Analytics Tracking

Using GA is probably one of my favorite things to analyze. I love getting on the back end of things and doing some behind the scene moves. Understanding SEO is more then just tactics. It's research, understanding, and making a game plan for Q1 2020.

Doing some off-site SEO work at Ka Pai

Stopped by one of my client's jewelry stores and spent sometime with them going over things and their goals for Q1 2020 and forward.


What are you waiting for? Get in touch with me right now and let's have a conversation about your business, new business, idea. No bullshit Daytona Beach SEO.

Free Local Market Audit
Joshua Palmer

Over 8 Years of SEO Experience

  • I have been ranking websites for years. I have successfully managed accounts bringing in over 30,000 visitors a month. 
  • Manage ad campaigns that are over $3,000 per month.
  • 844 Leads for my clients since October 1, 2019.
  • Google Partner with my Orbit Local.
  • Yext Partnership Orbit Local
  • Over 20 YouTube Videos
  • Offer Free Local Market Audits to help you understand.

Our Social Integration Plugin

Visually display relevant reviews from the top sources like…

  • Facebook
  • Google My Business
  • Yelp
  • Automatically Update
  • Filter Capabilities 
  • Setup Aggregate Ratings
  • Setup Badges
  • Setup more then 4 reviews shown at a time 
  • Many more options