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Your problem isn’t getting new customers, it’s building a predictable system to get new customers. Traditionally, you have two marketing options for growing your business.

The first is advertising using Google.

The Second is Facebook.

Both of these are fantastic tools, however, there is a third option which is called Organic Search.

The reason why we want to have Organic Search is that it does not cost any extra money. If you could have fresh Organic leads coming to your website for free that does not cost you any money the long term benefits can clearly be seen.


SEODesignLab specializes in creating digital marketing campaigns for small businesses that consist of organic traffic from Google’s search engine. We assists clients with developing full Websites, Google My Business, PPC advertising, and SEO with our services.

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Local Google Rankings


So this is why you are here for website rankings. Getting your website ranked in 2019 is not to hard. You just need to know what you are doing. I'm going to tell you that content is a huge factor in getting your website ranked. You also want to make sure that you have certain SEO practices in place.

What do I mean by that?

Do you want to get more local customers to visit or call your business just through SEO? With local search information up 12% over the past year from Google searches it is difficult to ignore the power to get valuable customers.

Local search engine optimization(SEO) is the method of raising Google rankings.

If you are not on page one or not ranked #1-3 you simply are not getting the traffic and your competition is. With the straight forward tactics that we will be using you will get those rankings that you need.

You want to be found for things like “coffee shops near me”. Why pay for advertising when you can generate the traffic on a daily bases for the rest of your company’s lifetime.

Here are some statistics to support why you should be looking at local search engine optimization for your business:

46% of all searchs on Google are seeking local information.

77% of smart phone owners regulary use navigation apps, for more info on this visit.

92% of searchers will pick businesses on the first page of local search results.

50% of people who conduct mobile searches for a local business will visit the store within one day, for more info on this visit.

Google controls a majority of the traffic online and it is the #1 website on Alexa. The truth is as of 2018 current data suggests that Google holds 74.54% of all traffic! The fact is you probably are already well aware of all of these things. Which is why you are here right now. Now the question is what should you do with the information.


I've covered this on my what does SEO mean blog post but I will go over it again. Internet marketing involves everything from Facebook ads, Google ads, YouTube videos all talking about your service and what you can offer.

Our pricing is very simple. To understand our pricing better:

We charge at an hourly rate for services based on the project.
Our hourly time spent is measured based on the population of your target market.
To provide affordable local SEO, we use a variety of expert contractors to deliver services.

We encourage you to contact us today to learn more about pricing for your location and individual goals.

We price our clients on a case-by-case basis determined by the popularity/difficulty of the keywords for which they want to rank in a Google search. Our average local SEO client spends around $1,500 per month for our SEO packages.

We’re not your average SEO team. We are on the cutting edge of techniques that work for 2019.

We are a group of specialists in each of the fields that are required to manage a whole SEO campaign.

We are seriously in this each and every single day doing research and analysis of trends. Local SEO service campaign:


We start by going over your site wide health. We dig deep inside to see any technical issues. We then continue on to determine your ranking factors. Once we have determined all of these things we start to produce an achievable goal of results that are broken down into sections.

You as a client will be able to see exactly what is being done through each and every section of the layout that we will send to you.

Our reporting is broken down to a few simple measurements to analyze your SEO health.

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Traffic Analysis

Where are the largest traffic coming from for your specific niche. Is it Instagram? Is it Facebook? Is it Google? Or is it some form of something else like Video’s?

We have the proper training to find these hidden trends. Picking the proper keyword is of the up most priority. Let us provide these analysis so that you may focus on the running of everyday tasks.

Technical Analysis

This is where we check the on site analysis of your website. Do you have Schema Markup and is it setup correctly? Does your site have a Favicon?

Does your site Re-Direct to the correct version https or http. Does your site have Sitemap.XML setup correctly? Does your site have a Robots.txt? Does the Robots.txt have Sitemap.XML in it?

Does your site have HTML footer? Does it have duplicate content? Are internal links being used? Are your pages indexed? Are canonicals being used correctly?

Competitor Analysis

Our skilled team focuses on the factors that are getting your client’s the #1 rankings. How many backlinks do they have? What keywords are they focusing on?

What are the correct keywords your clients are actually using. How much content are your competitor’s producing? Do they have 1500 words on their pages with 4 photo’s? What are they spending for their advertising budgets?


Once we determine exactly how your site is functioning from a technical stand point we will start going for your keywords. With the proper keywords especially if you’ve had previously setup keywords for local SEO there are generally low competition keyword’s that you may have overlooked that we can re target.

Once we start to determine exactly what keywords we should be targeting most of your low keywords will start to get a boost bringing everything up together.

Here are some of the key ways we find your local SEO keywords:


By communicating with you we are able to determine the strategy that would be most helpful for you. We can do all the research and competitor analysis but without explaining in a clear and understanding way it will not help you with the goals you have.


In the next stage of your campaign, the SEODesignLab team implements a variety of scheduled SEO tasks including creating content, optimizing local listings and executing ethical white hat link building.

Our team concentrates on actions that are high impact when it comes to SEO so long articles, Google Maps focus and high-quality backlinks will begin to rank your website in the search engines.

We understand that for your business to win online, you must be discovered on a local basis. Here is how our agency is set apart when it comes to local SEO implementation


By using up to date software such as Ahrefs we will be able to correctly determine exactly what keyword’s we should be targeting. We will then drill down inside of that niche and find keyword’s that you might not have even thought about targeting.

You as a client will be able to see exactly what is being done through each and every section of the layout that we will send to you.

Our reporting is broken down to a few simple measurements to analyze your SEO health.


By using Ahrefs we are able to plug any website of your competitor’s into are keyword research tool and we can start to compare what they are using that are generating them leads that you might not be using. We can start to see exactly how many keywords these pages contain. What are they ranking for them. How much search volume are they generating from these keywords.


When doing organic SEO it is best to take the long term approach no use of black hat techniques. No use of PBNs. The enhancements we roll out will improve the SEO health of your website forever.

No quick spikes or fad improvements. The technique’s we use will basically cook towards your goal of getting higher search engine rankings.


With the updates that we will implement on your site you will have confidence that your site stand’s as correctly optimized for on page SEO.

Which means that Google will favor your site even more against your competitor’s. we complete a thorough on-page SEO process for all of the current pages of your website.


When it comes to off site SEO it’s all about getting mentions. Here is why it is important, if a friend recommends you a particular place to go to dinner for the evening how powerful is that?

SEO works in the same way. The more you are mentioned the more authority Google assumes you have as being the go to business or expert in that field.


As a part of the SEO campaign, our team scrupulously looks into what is moving and what is not. After we go over the Google Analytics, Google search console, and Google my business data we will be able to determine the course of direction.

When we notice that one keyword is lacking on your page we will work on optimizing that page, without losing the visibility of the pages that are ranking correctly we will be able to bring all the others up. Here are some things that we monitor very closely throughout your campaign.


The targeted keywords chosen at the beginning of your SEO campaign are tracked throughout the campaign to determine their movement in search engine rankings. What we then do is monitor the progress of these keywords via weekly reporting, we at SEODesignLab then compile this information by a monthly bases and then communicate with you about the progress of these words or if we are losing ranks.


By using Google Analytics data, we often discover re-optimizing opportunities in your SEO campaign. With this information, we show how your traffic is segmented by gender, behavior, ages, income, location, search device, and much more.

We are also going to setup if you have a E-commerce site we can tell you if a prospect adds a product to their carts, if they remove that item, or if they made a full purchase so that way we can better optimize your page and find the reasons for these.


Every month we will produce reporting for that month which will show everything that was worked on. You will know the progression that was made with these reports and you will be able to not only understand what was done but have a clear indication of the processes that were implemented.

This includes every detail including analytics, rankings, directories, and social media stats.

With the executive reports that we produce it will show you a an overall view of how well you’re site is performing online. For example with social, did your likes go up, did you get more reviews?


Here at SEODesignLab, we have personally seen the impact local SEO can do for a business. We are currently working on a brick and mortar jewelry company in Rockville Centre, NY we rank page 1 for things like “Ka Pai” and Jewelry Boutique shops in Rockville Centre, NY. We also rank for over 10 different keywords in the jewelry niche and New York is a vary competitive market .

This is due to our SEO program for local businesses that you can now take advantage of when you schedule a call with one of our experts.

Our team will make sure to use organic methods by using only white hat techniques no black hat methods from 2009 we strictly focus on what’s working now . Schedule a call with us by filling out the form below!


Rich media is a wonderful way of running a working local SEO campaign. With users watching videos online from the likes of YouTube, scanning pictures, with local SEO campaigns you want to stand out on your site. The SEODesignLab team understands this. We will use rich media to give you that edge so that customers find value on your page and want to stay longer on your site and contact you .

Boosting your local SEO starts by knowing the different media that is appropriate for your market for local SEO.


Audio is a vary powerful way to urging your visitors to commit or opt in to your offer of your call to action. Audio is really great if your just not comfortable in front of the camera but want to get your message heard directly to your visitors.


Video marketing is one of the best ways to tell a story. When you show your visitors a video it builds trust within your brand being able to visually see something is an amazing tool

This extra time on your website amplifies your search engine optimization results making video marketing a key local SEO option.

We work with some of the best video production teams in the US to make sure your message is clear and direct and optimized for results.


Social media marketing is not something to overlook when doing a Local SEO campaign. Social is a small part of local SEO but Google gives weight to the citations which help create buzz around your brand, with these citations you will increase your results because you are a trusted member of the community.

In other words, if customers do a search for your business after they saw a social media post, you will gain an added SEO benefit.

Google gives weight to brands being mention on the social media platforms and it is going to help your brand overall for your SEO.

The SEODesignLab team will design, schedule, and post on your social media profiles for you so you don’t have to do the busy work.